Lessons from The Windy City!


The Windy City!!!!

From the very little I know..I have so much to say about it.

Moved from the golden state couple of years ago.. leaving the close-knit amigos behind..to build a new life with a stranger who happened to be my life partner.

Many days passed by, yet I remained a stranger to Chi-town with a feeling that I was all alone, lost and abandoned.

Summer here is full of life with marathons by the lake and, music & dance at the heart of the city. Yet for me, it was nothing like the golden state that welcomed me with open hands.

Something is missing here, I started looking for it. I found myself alone, trapped, caged, and being forced to view the most beautiful site of the city- The Skyline from a high rise by the Michigan lake.

Well, this is supposed to be the beautiful site but not for me. I…

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New Year….New Me!


In my teenage, I used to make at least one resolution on new year and then conveniently forget it. Later I stopped making resolutions as I always used to think – resolutions are meant to broken. Here I’m after 15 long years, decided to make few goals and resolutions, and follow them religiously. Few are simple yet very important and few are complicated yet very basic. Here they are –

1) Be Positive and Be Happy

2) Always SMILE!

3) Be Compassionate and learn ways to GIVE

4) Don’t let anyone control your life

5) Strengthen- Mentally, Physically.

6) Make new friends and spend time with well wishers.

7) Build courage and live with Self-Respect.

8) Cultivate one habit and spend ample time on it at least once a week.

This may be a long list but these are critical things to make my life worth living. Hence I decided not to compromise on…

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